2021 - 幕 光 獸
板 橋 早 安 您 好 早 餐 店
Scale : 12.5 m x  10 m
Location : Banqiao

Dawnmon is a piece created by muntjac as the prototype. I wish when the people encounters this work feel surprise and alive just like they discover wild animals in the forest. Maybe finding a beautiful creature from the concrete jungle give a person enough vitality and have a nice day.
Muntjac are common animals in the mountains and hills of Taiwan. We usually see they drinking water at riverbank in the early morning. They have a new name as a mountain elves. This work is located on the wall of the breakfast shop in new Taipei city, so I want to portray the character of the elf as the guardian beast of this area.

In the experience of participating in mural project in public institutions, the process is actually very difficult. It is not a black and white matter to take into account the needs of public institutions and the creative level. Maybe Taiwan does not have a well-developed street art culture, but we believe through we keep creating Little by little, one day in the future, we will be more able to experience art and feel the perspectives of different artists, and create more meaningful works.