夢 之 巢

宏 匯 廣 場

Scale : 1050 cm x 550 cm
Location : Honghui Plaza

When the sun falls at noon, the leaves will reflect the appearance of water waves on the wall, and the whole work will present the atmosphere of sinking in the water, just like the appearance of the riverside flooding through the trees.

Remember when you were a kid looking forward to going to a department store?
 You walked into the air-conditioned revolving door for the first time and saw the shiny floor That is the whole world full of freshness. It's like a castle full of desires.


Honghui Plaza Inhaled more than 20,000 people at its opening, it is the largest shopping mall in New Taipei. It has 11 floors above ground. More than 400 brands are stationed in the catering section. In addition, there is also VR. ZONE theme park, Zepp, a professional concert venue of Sony Entertainment Group, New Cinema... etc. 

新莊宏匯廣場是新北最大購物中心,共有地上 11 層、地下 7 層,超過400多個品牌進駐,餐飲部份則有美食街、主題餐廳等多達 76家可以選擇;另外還有日本VR ZONE主題樂園、日本Sony娛樂集團專業演唱場館Zepp、美麗新影城、快樂小熊親子樂園、湯姆熊歡樂世界…等。一站式滿足新莊、三重、蘆洲、五股、泰山等地「吃、喝、玩、樂、購」的需求。

To me this process seems to have gone through a special challenge. I realized it takes many people's efforts behind the glamorous beauty. In order to finish the mural before the opening, I remember that the whole building was out of lights at the middle night, and we were the only ones who stayed up late to finish painting.