交 織

大 佳 河 濱 公 園 

Scale : 3000 cm x 600 cm
Location : Dai Jia Riverside Park

This mural work is located in the largest riverside park in Taipei: Dajia Riverside Park. Working with Water Resources Department of Taipei City, We have sorted out the dike walls and strips that were originally full of vines, presents a new look in the form of art.  So that Taipei citizens can appreciate the environment from different viewpoint when resting in the riverside park.


I want to describe the intricate human's emotions by birds fly, they change rapidly, and each moment has a completely different feeling for the same thing. When all the happiness and the scars are intertwined, the past, present, and future are all different outlines.

Dajia Riverside Park is also a leisure and entertainment place most frequently visited by Taipei citizens on holidays. There are also sports parks with sports facilities such as baskets, nets, badminton, croquet courts, and several kilometers of bicycle paths surrounding the park. International music festivals, performances and large-scale events are held from time to time.


Concept of this from is from the epitome of life, I wish that everyone who passes here can be touched by this work, and then feel the part of life that is worth seeing, which can be past experience, new understanding or present self, seen at different moments. Things are also different.