生 命 如 鏡

苓 雅 國 際 街 頭 藝 術 藝 術 節 

Scale : 10m  x 16.5 m, 11m x 17.5m
Location :Kaohsiung City Lingya District

The lion dance mural work created at the 2019 Lingya International Street Art Festival. This mural is inspired by the lion dance. I want to visualize this folk activities in Taiwan, and make the lion dance a real creature, summon it to the city let it guard the people there. Thanks to the assistance of the Kaohsiung Lingya District Office to help complete these two 5-story murals.


"Lion dance" is Taiwan's traditional culture. It is most common in important festivals or temple fairs. It has the meaning of exorcising evil spirits, avoiding evil, praying for good luck, and celebrating auspiciousness. Nowadays, it is most common in temple fairs, and you can occasionally see it at the opening of new residences and shops, because the lion dance represents the "auspicious and good luck".

「舞獅」是台灣的傳統文化,在重要節慶或廟會最常見,具有驅邪、避凶、 祈福、吉慶之意義。 現今則在廟會中最常見,新居、商店開張偶爾也可以見到, 因為舞獅代表『祥獅獻瑞』討吉祥。


The lion is an offering from the Western Regions. It is said that he is a bodhisattva's mount. Whenever there is a celebration, people always dance them and pray for the blessing of the gods. The forehead mirror on the head is where the lion's soul lies.


"Life as mirror, we become what we see".

During the two weeks of continuous creation, the help and attention of many local people made us feel the warmest kindness. In Taiwan, street art may not be a mainstream creative form, but I hope to continue to engage and interact with people in this way, so as to increase urban aesthetics bit by bit and change people's aesthetic values.