再  記  憶


Scale : 1000 cm x 300 cm
Location : Pompei Street Festival

The inspiration of this piece comes from the Ashe Dog in the Pompeii ruin, and I want to bring this former story to life through my art. The movement is transformed from the original curled stance to the jumping forward stance.

Discovered on November 20, 1874. This dog is a guard dog, had a collar around his neck and was tethered to a post in the home. This caused it to be unable to escape at the beginning of the eruption, with its twisted body showing it was struggling to break free and finally dying a painful slow death.


Created in the festival, this piece took about 4 days. Located on the side wall of the Pompei school, each artist created and linked the works in their areas.

The Pompeii Street Festival is a large-scale event consisting of street art, music and film festivals, lasting 3 days, 15 concerts, 32 murals, and 12 films.  Nearly 100 artists work together and create different styles of art surrounding the famous ruins of Pompeii, each mural present and continues the story of Pompeii from 2,000years ago.


Encountering all the people and things here is an unforgettable experience. Although it is difficult to describe in words, the most profound feeling is that Europeans have a high degree of appreciation and participation in art. Different audiences have different ways to experience it. Some people will talk to me about what you see or feel in the work, some people send pizza, lemoncello, espresso, some people even come to see the progress of the mural every day, even if met people who don't speak English, they still try to communicate in his language. This journey has made me see the value of art again. Artists provide a different perspective to the world.  When different perspectives mixed together, It is the way we creating a culture.


When people or children approach the wall it becomes another story, about the origin of Rome - the she-wolf feeding her baby, symbolizing the establishment of a new civilization from the old world.

當人們或孩子走近這面牆時會觸發另一故事,關於羅馬的緣起 - 母狼哺嬰,我希望這個作品也能夠象徵從舊世界到新文明的建立。

" Civilization Is A Fragile Thing, But Life Isn’t."