Scale : 5 m x  2.5 m
Location : Taipei City


Taking Taipei people who living such as big city as an inspiration, I think that even though people often look indifferent, deep down actually yearn for attention and love. In this work, the red cat are represent to describe the inner heat, and at the same time present a state that is unapproachable.



Combined with AR technology, the public can experience dynamic works on mobile devices.Thanks to the efforts of Hu’s Art, the East District Business Association, and the Taipei City Government, the red cat mural has been brought to life as part of the “Art in the Store” project at the Taiwan Lantern Festival Light  Area.



The city mayor of Taipei, stayed in front of the work during the visiting of artwork in Taiwan Lantern Festival, and showed this work to the media, especially combined with the use of AR - virtual reality technology, so that the red cats in the murals can come to life vividly.


“ I think you understand that Taipei people give you an unapproachable feeling. Sometimes might feels difficult to get close to, like a cat. But you know that the tsundere cat longs for attention deep down. Maybe what she needs is your love. That's the quality which belongs to Taipei people. Have you seen the fiery warmth hidden in it, it? ”