《 Y O N G L E 》

2020 - 囚 牛 永 樂 
彰 化 永 樂 商 圈 再 造 計 畫  -  慶 安 宮

Scale : 1200 m x 1400 cm
Location :Yongle, Changhua City
This project is called Yongle Business District Reconstruction Project, initiated by the Changhua city government and Hwats Design. We are hopping through the power artistic, vitality can be spread into the environment, and a different story will be given to the old, declining business district. ​​​​​​​
Thirty years ago, Yongle Street was a crowded area, but now it is declining due to the shift of business center and outflowing people. Summoning god and beast in front of the 3rd-level monument temple, this project collaborate with two different artists to create a deeper story for Yongle. Kyo summons the martial god of Marshal Zhao; Leho summons the eldest son of the dragon - Prisoned Ox. They represent wealth and rhythm respectively.

The corrugated iron is a very common architectural type in Taiwan, but it cause we difficult to paint on such a curved surface. In addition to the difficulty of drawing straight lines, the work from other angles will also be deformed due to the protrusion of the corrugated board.​​​​​​​
"The Nine Sons of the Dragon" written by Li Dongyang of the Ming Dynasty: "The prisoned cow, a yellow dragon with scales. He love to hear music, like to play the Chinese piano, and has high attainments in music, so many piano heads use his statues. This work was taken as a fantasy, the rhythm that played again has summoned the dragon to Yongle Street.
Masai Kyo, a cross-field visual integrator, advertising creative. His mural depicts the appearance of the God of Wealth, Marshal Zhao popping out of the wall. Which gold ingot in his hand symbolize wealth and provide this area a symbolic blessing.
馬賽 Kyo,一位跨領域視覺整合者、廣告創意人。他的壁畫中裡描繪的是財神 - 趙元帥從牆壁蹦出來的樣貌,手裡哪著金元寶象徵財氣,賦予這個地區一種象徵性的祝福。
Dragon’s inspiration came from Ji Le Xuan in Yongle Lane. It used to be the historic and famous traditional music hall in central Taiwan. It has just recently obtained the opportunity to rehabilitate, recreating the historical splendor of the historical site. 

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