珊 瑚 鹿

國 際 高 雄 苓 雅 街 頭 藝 術 節
Scale : 2500 cm x 450 cm
Location : Kaohsiung Linya Dsitrict

A mysterious deer dedicated a part of himself to ocean, so the antlers turn into corals, attracting clown fish from the sea to swim and visit, giving him more vitality. This work presents human emotions with animals, as a metaphor for people and people The coexistence and mutual dependence between each other, this work describes my ideals for true friends.


The Wallriors is a platform that works on art projects in public spaces. Our objective is to make art accessible to a wider audience by taking it out of the conventional gallery space and embedding it within the cities we live in - making art truly for everyone. 


This work is the first large-scale mural in my creative career. It is very challenging to create with a high-altitude vehicle throughout. I used the windows and air-conditioning windows on the building as positioning and drafting composition.


If I give you all I have, would you give yourself to me in return? If so, I swear, from that moment on, we are infinite.