出 森 林 記

文 化 部 南 海 工 作 坊

Scale : 3500 cm x 240 cm
Location : Ministry of Culture Nanhai Studio

This work is located in the office of the Nanhai Studio of the Ministry of Culture. As an open area, It has large, medium and small meeting rooms and reporter working areas, which provide artists and the media for meetings.


The work presents Taiwan’s unique species to symbolize all kinds of people in Taiwan’s culture: Sakura salmon, Taiwan blue magpie, sika deer, Taiwan leopard, Taiwan macaque,Leopard cat and Taiwan's national butterfly. Each one is advancing with its own different appearance.


Galloping forward from the gray jungle, jumping, migrating, flying, and heading in a bright direction.  Knowing there is a space, it is free, and has a dream worth catching.

I think culture it is an ongoing process. It is the process that presents continuous efforts on the road of creation, and the integration and baptism of multiple cultures.


" No Matter How You Moved Forward, We Are All Part Of This Culture."