Scale : 10 m x  27 m
Location : Taitung City


This mural stands in the center of the vast fields of Guanshan, a 27-meter-high red rice mill. In this open space, there is a chance to listen to the voice deep within oneself. Each person has a corner in their heart where a voice is calling them, perhaps someone waiting for them, or maybe someone they are waiting for.


Land Art Festival initially took shelter along the 197 County Road, nestled between the Coastal Range and the Central Mountain Range. It extends from Chihshang Township to Beinan Township, from north to south, with boundless rice fields and terraced landscapes along the way, creating a picturesque and beautiful scenery akin to poetry and painting. Its unique geographical location condenses the diverse and distinctive natural and cultural characteristics of Taitung, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the simplicity, purity, and tranquility of the valley along the 197 County Road. It holds a profound and thought-provoking charm, much like the captivating verses of Tagore's "Stray Birds," captivating the heart with profound spiritual resonance. As the natural stage for the Vast Valley Land Art Festival, the 197 County Road conceals numerous hidden gems, inviting artists from around the world to intimately connect with this land, understand its beauty, and engage in meaningful interactions with its residents. Through this process, they experience the captivating charm exuding from this land, which is then transformed into the essence of their artworks.

The challenges that need to be overcome include not only the size and scale of the wall itself (270 square meters), but also the undulating surface structure. When drawing curves, the undulating surface disrupts the smoothness, making it extremely difficult to create precise curves.


The most beautiful aspect of Guanshan is the morning mist that settles incredibly low every day. The clouds embrace the half-mountain, making you feel remarkably close to the sky. It's a truly tranquil place for artistic creation.