幸 狐 


Scale : 4.5 m x 15 m
Location : Banqiao

This little fox and the paper crane look at each other. The paper crane stand for a blessing and longing for a person, and the fox represents bondage. How many times can there be fate in life, no matter how big the gap between you and another is, you still see the best inside each other?


I drew this sketch when I was in the most painful time of a lovelorn. Maybe I am a paper crane, I am going to fly away; maybe I am a fox, I am reluctant, but at the last conversation before leaving we still see each other well. I hope to ignore all my unhappiness, sadness and pain in this work, and record my thoughts and feelings in a blessing way. Then remind myrself to cherish every moment in your life.

The "New Art Festival" will debut in 2022 and is hosted by Forest Plan. Forest Plan was initiated by Sunwood Art in 2018. It hopes to bring it to businesses, public spaces and other crowded places through art exhibitions, performances, and artistic creations. , whose vision is to plant art, and then thrive into a forest of art. Taking the promotion of artistic life as the starting point to define a new "art", it is no longer just an incomprehensible creation that only appears in museums. Everyone can appreciate different artistic creations everywhere. For the first session, 18 groups of domestic art creators in Taiwan from different fields were invited to exhibit in Xingmachi at the same time.