水 母 與 猴

苓 雅 國 際 街 頭 藝 術 節  - 衛 武 營 街 頭 藝 術 村

Scale : 25 m x  6 m
Location : Weiwuying Street Art Village

This jellyfish mural is in a children’s playground inside a community. Through this work, I want to send children an interesting imagination. The jellyfish from the sea and the monkeys from the jungle come together. They became good friends and went on adventures together.

From process of painting this mural, I deeply realized the beauty of street art. Perhaps it is not just a mural, but a profound connection and interaction with local residents.

Due to the limited time to participate in the art festival, it was quite a challenge for me to paint a large mural for the first time, and it would even end at night for a few days. The whole mural painting took 21 days in total.