你  的  美 , 如  花  綻  放 

藍 曬 圖 文 創 園 區

Scale : 400 cm x 750 cm
Location : Blue Print Cultural Park
This work was created at the beginning of 2020 when the Covid-19 epidemic just broke out. I hope that this work can remind people to remember to send warmth to their beloved friends and family even in the impact of the epidemic.


Due to the current epidemic situation, we are worried about infection. We wear masks to protect ourselves. We can't see smiles and appear indifferent. Although our bodies are very fragile, our hearts are as deep as our care for others. Don't let temporary fear ignore or forget the people who surround us. 

This mural was inspired by the owner of this wall, Floraotu, a planting shop in the Blueprint Cultural Park. I create a pangolin it transform it's scales into flower petals for everyone.

這面壁畫靈感來自這面牆的主人,藍曬圖文創園區裡的植栽店Floraotu 凹凸植製所。溫柔的穿山甲被召喚到這裡,將他的鱗片轉化成一片一片的花瓣,送給在這裡的人們。 

I'd like people who see this work to believe that their own beauty is like a flower. When there is an opportunity, might take off one's precautions full of scales, and give each other the gentleness that just like flowers.

 "Ta  Beauté  Est  Épanouie."