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Run My Deer Print

Run My Deer Print

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Run My Deer Digital Print

In prophecy, if a person sees the mystery deer. That means he's going beyond his wildest dreams. This digital print is a collaboration with Iranian artist RUN, depicting the ideal in our imagination, reminding ourselves to remember to look towards where we want to go, and then to run forward, ignoring the things in life that we should not care about.

Art Prints Collaboration with Run, 50 Limited Edition, Giclee Print 220 gsm Watercolor Rag(Fabriano), 40.6 cm x 40.6 cm,Sign and Number by both Artist.

親愛的跑吧  魔法召喚書

尺寸:40.6 cm × 40.6 cm
材質:無酸 220 gsm Watercolor Rag (Fabriano)
數量:限量50張, 單號由Run販售, 雙號由Leho販售
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